Cinematographer Shabier Kirchner - Cinelab London Client


“Hey Team, 
I just want to say thank you for all your brilliant work on ‘Small Axe’ could not have done it without all the support!! Eternally grateful! I look forward to a long future of working together! Here’s to film, make it never die!”



“It was a great experience working with all at Cinelab London on The White Crow. Shooting Super 16mm was a creative choice made that much easier knowing Cinelab would be part of the team. Their evident love of film is both inspiring and reassuring, giving me as Director of Photography as well as the Director and Producers the confidence to shoot abroad and know the best eyes were looking out for us back home. The meticulous work done by all at Cinelab London lends The White Crow its look and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” 


Cinematographer Joel Honeywell - Cinelab London Client


“From Capture to Screen, the support by Cinelab London for working cinematographers is second to none. They take the time and effort to strike up a personal relationship, and provide a top customer service, and with rapid process & development for productions. I feel at ease and comfort knowing when shooting on film that I am also able to have skilled technicians at the lab providing unique insight to get desired results captured onset, all the to the way they are developed in the bath."



Shooting on film is always a special experience and Cinelab London really understand that. They take the upmost care and consideration when it comes to scanning and development. Their scans are always first rate and they do what they can to help passion projects come to life. 


On ‘DJ Shadow’ we shot on 16mm and 35mm in Kiev, with a really tight edit turnaround in the UK. Cinelab London had both sets of scans back to us in a matter of days - perfect quality, as always. 


Couldn’t recommend Cinelab London highly enough to anyone shooting a project on film, whether in the UK or not! 


Director & Cinematographer Alon Daniel - Cinelab London Client


"When I started working with film the process with the lab I used to work was kinda hard and stressful. It was the time it took them to send me the scans and the normal relationship even was not that nice and kind. When Covid hit I started to work with Cinelab London and since then I've never looked back. I love calling them to talk about projects and ask questions. They are so kind and warm that when I go to the UK, for sure I'll visit them! Thank you Cinelab London for being who you are." 


Executive Producer Tim Viney of Pundersons Gardens - Cinelab London Client


"Whenever we need a project to be sprinkled with a little bit of magic, we go to Cinelab London."

Pundersons Gardens



“For some reason people are surprised when it is the producer who brings up the request to shoot on film for a job, but for me there are so many reasons why it is a positive, and how in the long run it can sometimes even save you money. When you shoot on film everyone has to be more disciplined and it has an effect on the whole crew and shoot in a really fantastic way. Working with Cinelab London has always been a great process from initial bookings with Aarti all the way through to the dailies and grades, plus they are lovely people too!” 


Alex Wodzicki of SEGRO plc - Cinelab London Client


“We used Cinelab London to convert a 1950s film from the original reel as well as other projects from our archives.  The service was excellent, the job was done well and the end result has been used in a variety of projects to bring footage of some of our heritage to a whole new audience.  Very pleased with the result and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cinelab London.” 




Thanks so much for this Paul - you've done a fantastic job.

It was one of the worst weather days in Glasgow for a long time and you've made it look bright and sunny!  Always amazed at the dynamic range of those last Kodak stock, so much would be blown out on the Red camera.  It was a tough day, with very, very little time and the old Eclair would only let you see out of half the eyepiece so delighted with what we got, and what you did here.

Very best wishes,  Grant