Who are Cinelab London?

The team at Cinelab London is made up of highly passionate, superbly knowledgeable, film buffs and post production gurus. With an array of expertise and combined 200+ years in the industry, we have a team of specialists who can help advise on any project.

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Aarti Mahtani - Commercials Sales Manager at Cinelab London


Commercial Sales Manager

Aarti started with the accounts team in 2015 quickly forming fantastic relationships with clients and joining the sales team as Commercial Sales Manager. Aarti is a natural people person interested in how she can best help filmmakers achieve deadlines on time and on budget. In 2019 nAarti was nominated to The Pitch 100 Superwomen List 'known for her passion and dedication, excellent client service and her part in making sure clients are aware of Cinelab London's contribution in making film viable, affordable and the experience enjoyable'.

Adrian Bull - CEO of Cinelab London



Adrian co-founded Cinelab London in 2013 having worked in the motion picture film and television industry across post production, broadcast transmission and content delivery. Adrian’s love for the filmmaking process, his strong engineering and operational skills and determination not to let film craft disappear forever have been a driving force for the company and how we can help filmmakers.  Adrian is also one of the most trusted and well-respected managers in the industry today. 

Andy Hudson - Film Laboratory Manager at Cinelab London


Film Laboratory Manager

Andy joined Cinelab London in 2013, a key member of the team he oversees all photochemical and film laboratory services. With over 25 years’ experience in the motion picture film and television industry, he learnt from the ground up, from negative developing to operations and production manager. Andy was recently awarded the PGGB Innovation Award for an Individual, sponsored by Netflix. Recognising his innovative work and resilience to keep film and TV production moving forward. So well deserved! 

Joce Capper - Creative Director at Cinelab London


Creative Director

Joce joined in 2020 as Creative Director/Strategic Business Development. Bringing 25+ years of experience in pre, post production and management, most notably as Managing Director of Rushes. Joce brings passion and skill to everything she does, working with the team and clients to develop and promote services and filmmakers further, sharing a passion for great film making, a strong vision and a sense of humour. Education and Training is also a key part of her role and working with clients' to promote their talent and projects.



Joshua founded On Set Tech in 2013, as the scale of feature film projects he was servicing grew, as did the company. Joshua's experience and reputation made him a key member of production, with a wide range of responsibilities. Trusted from the pre-production stage, managing the workflows, colour pipelines and technical aspects of the photography through to the delivery. His understanding of digital acquisition, post production, and talent as a colourist, have allowed him to collaborate with some of the world's leading Directors of Photography on some of the biggest films in recent years.

Paul Dean - Head of Scanning and Grading at Cinelab London


Head of Scanning and Grading

Paul has over 30 years' experience in all aspects of film making. He joined Cinelab London in 2015 and has literally worked on hundreds of features and TV dramas, specialising in dailies, archive and restoration. He liaises with the photochemical laboratory ensuring best practice on each and every bespoke project. Paul's attention to detail and passion for his craft ensures specialist care and film knowledge that is second to none.

Roger Harlow - Sales Manager at Cinelab London


Sales Manager

Roger joined Cinelab London in 2015, having previously worked with Adrian Bull at Ascent Media. He leads the sales team, bringing extensive experience and expertise to feature films, episodic TV, archive and restoration. Roger has 25+ years knowledge of photochemical , analogue and digital workflows and oversees all Longford dailies projects. His exceptional skillset adds real value and knowledge to the team and all client projects.

Simon Chubbock - COO at Cinelab London



Simon joined On Set Tech in 2013 as Lab Supervisor to work with friend Joshua Callis Smith (who he had met at University). The role was to make sure all aspects of the production process (client service, technical workflows, operational procedures, quality of output, support of the team) were as efficient, secure, and client friendly as possible.  


As the company grew and projects became more considerable, in 2017 Simon acquired a 50% ownership of On Set Tech and took on a joint Managing Director's role working alongside Joshua Callis-Smith. Since then, On Set Tech has expanded into studio facilities at Cinelab London, doubled in size, and provided digital lab services on productions such as Rocket Man, Kingsman (The Golden Circle), Eddie the Eagle, Kingsman (The Secret Service), and episodic TV series Dark Crystal, Brave New World, The Witcher and many more.

Sonji Clarke - Head of Business Development at Cinelab London


Head of Business Development

Sonji Clarke role is rooted in film restoration and archive. Her purview is wide-ranging, with real insight and understanding. Joining in 2018 having worked previously with Adrian and Roger her skill set cross film, analogue and digital bringing invaluable knowledge and skills to our clients.  

Besides restoring major motion pictures and reuniting owners and families with forgotten films of loved ones, Sonji works daily with media channels and broadcasters, supplying them with archived footage for use in news items and programme making - an area where specific researched content is required. 


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