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Film Scanning Services

Our expert team of Film Technicians and the choice of Cinelab London's wide range of scanners, Arriscan HDR, Scanity HDR and the Spirit 4K guarantees best service, best picture and best options for all budgets.


From HD viewing copies to transfers to 6K pin registered scans for the best publicity stills, we tailor individually to the scale and requirement of every project, regardless of size.

2 x DFT Spirit 4K

The Spirit 4K has been the mainstay of film scanning for many years and continues to provide excellent quality, industry standard scans.  The Spirit 4K has a 4K line array sensor that can at 2K/4K resolution. If you are likely to go straight to online then Spirit is great for a cost-effective scan once approach, with full flexibility to grade however you need - without having to go back to the film. 


Both Spirit 4K scanners have gates for 16mm and 35mm and scan upto 4K.  

Standard scans delivered are full frame, uncompressed, ungraded 2K 10-bit Log DPX files. 

2 x DFT Scanity HDR 

The Scanity HDR is a successor to Spirit 4K. One of its many features is that it has no stationary parts, like a skid plate. Instead, the Scanity HDR has an ingenious rolling film gate that rotates with the film, which is the sensor.  This results in incredible stability and perfect edge to edge focus. It is typically used for a scan once approach on larger commercial projects, particularly if there are significant VFX requirements from the start. Scanity HDR is the only scanner realistically fast enough to scan rushes at 4K (15fps). If you are unsure of your existing footage/content, it scans at high-speed, up to 5 x real-time creating a cost-effective low-resolution viewing copy to help decide the next steps for your archive film. It is HRD and has an infrared option also.


Both Scanity HDR's have a full complement of gates for 8mm, 16mm and 35mm scan and scan up to 4K 16-bit. Standard scans delivered are full frame uncompressed, ungraded 2K 10-bit Log DPX files.

2 x Arriscan HDR

The Arriscan is the premium scanner. It mainly differs from other scanners in that it utilises a pin registered full frame sensor. Other scanners have a line array sensor, whereas Arriscan stops each frame in the gate and physically pin registers the frame (pins engage into the sprockets of the film, effectively clamping the frame into the correct position) over the CMOS full frame 6K sensor. This results in incredible stability and perfect edge to edge focus. It takes approximately 30 minutes to scan 1 minute of film. Arriscan provides the best scans for negatives, it is slow (4fps at 2K, 1fps at 4K), but typically used for select take scans/VFX pulls on-line. The Arriscan also benefits from Double Flash HDR and Digital ICE (real time IR dust concealment).



Arriscan HDR has gates for 16mm and 35mm, both dry and wet-gates, log scans 2K, 4K unto 6K resolution. Standard scans delivered are full frame uncompressed, ungraded 2K 10-bit Log DPX files.

2K Scans -  Further Explanation/Choices                 

2K Log Scan - LOG (completely ungraded with a LOG (flat) characteristic applied in order to extract as much detail from the negative and create a digital clone of the footage).  Grading will be performed by the client at a later stage.

2K Log Scan + Grade - Once the film has been scanned as a "2K Log Scan" (as above), it is then graded to create either a 2K "Best Light", or "Technical Best Light" as required.

The above 2K options can also be at 4K &6K resolutions.


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