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Archive & Restoration Services

For the first time since film was invented, over 100 years ago, Cinelab London can now fully realise the quality captured on original film. Through the development of digital workflows, by offering the latest technology and advanced film scanners, we have the ability to recapture and restore amazing images from the reels of treasured historic footage stored in archives. 


Cinelab London can rescan archive film at a higher resolution than ever before, seeing details previously unable to extract.  


Cinelab London provides services for film and video scanning and digitisation from single titles to entire archives. 


Archive & Restoration Services

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On receipt of archive content recanning and cataloguing (logging and tracking) in scheduling system and pre-assessment completed to identify best assets for remastering and preservation 


Film Preparation 

Every project is unique our experienced team assess each asset for damage, breakages, film tears and deterioration, deciding on the best route to proceed and the time and care required to achieve best end results. Meticulous cleaning prior to any material being scanned. 


Film Scanning 

Pin registered, dry and wet gate optical stabilisation and sprocket less scanning at up to 6K/HDR resolution using Arriscan HDR, Scanity HDR, Spirit 4K. For archives Scanity HDR provides unprecedented through put coupled with optical stabilisation to ensure excellent results.  If unsure of your footage, we can quickly provide a low-res proxy Scanity scan to help decide next steps for your archive film.  


Picture Restoration and Grade 

Conform and grade using Blackmagic Resolve remotely or in our 20 seat DI Theatre to create final master. 


Sound Restoration 

Audio Mag or Optical sound transfers and the latest digital tools for automated and manual restoration of film and video masters to create pristine masters 


Film and Digital Deliverables 

Creation of new film elements and/or digital masters for archival and distribution requirements.  


Video Digitisation 

Preparation and digitisation of most broadcast and domestic video tape formats, including D1, D2, D3, Beta, Beta SP, Digi Beta, 1”, Umatic, etc. 


Sound Digitisation 

Multiple sound followers for all 16mm and 35mm magnetic and optical formats. DA88, DAT, ¼” audio tape formats. 


Media Storage 

Libraries are securely held allowing access to materials on 

demand, then remastering historical film/tape content to digital formats. 

Content is uploaded to a secure platform enabling film makers, broadcasters, current news programmes, etc access - also on demand. HD/2K/4K/6K 


Meet the Team



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Cinelab London provides film laboratory, film scanning and restoration services on over 330,000 feet of original 35mm film for

Pink Floyd's 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' 





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