Film and Digital Services from Cinelab London


Digital Imaging Technicians and equipment hire for all your onset needs.

As the name implies, On Set Tech has its roots in on set digital imaging technology and dailies colour grading.

As on set practices and technologies have evolved, so have our technicians.

Their acquired knowledge, understanding and creativity mean they are ready to help you achieve your vision.


Cinelab London provides the widest range of services from neg processing to final film and digital deliverables.  Processing all colour negative motion picture film formats

- S8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm.

Supporting the revival in shooting on film we provide a quality, consistent and secure service, run day and night baths/shifts for fast turnaround of dailies and editorial rushes, including processing and sound sync.  

Our Film Technicians

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Our expert team of Film Technicians and the choice of the broadest range of film scanners offered at Cinelab London’s (Arriscan HDR, Scanity HDR and Spirit 4K) means we tailor individually to every project's scale and requirement, regardless of size.

From HD viewing copies, transfers to 6K pin registered scans for digital publicity stills; scanning super 8mm for a short film or 35mm for a blockbuster movie, we advise on workflow and best scanning choice for your project. 


Cinelab London is the UK's only full service Film Laboratory and Digital Dailies Facility, after joining forces with Onset Tech in March 2021.

Our speedy and efficient dailies lab is comprised exclusively of industry approved hardware and software, driven by the expertise of our skilled operators.  Offering bespoke film and dailies services tailored to the scale and requirement of every project, regardless of size.  

Delivering dailies across multiple facilities is now a thing of the past.  

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Paul Dean heads up the Scanning and Grading team, providing creative and technical expertise to new and established filmmakers.  Our Colourists grade across all genres of entertainment, both on dailies and final grades, utilising Black Magic's Davinci Resolve. 

The majority of Cinelab London's digital services can be deployed remotely and the team have the capability to continue providing services from the safety and security of their own homes. 

All film and digital content remain securely stored at Cinelab London on a protected network. 

FF & C - electronic deliveries.png


Cinelab London digitises all forms of media, including historical broadcast and domestic video and audio tape formats.

Tapes are transferred to industry standard file formats, creating new deliverable files/digital masters for archiving, editing and distribution requirements.

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