Film & Digital Dailies

Film and Digital Dailies

Shooting film or digital? Our dailies labs can handle any format.

We provide a bespoke Film and Digital Dailies Lab tailored to the scale and requirements of each and every job. We've joined with On Set Tech to offer a complete solution to both film and digital based workflows, meeting the demand for all productions 


Uniquely this means all our dailies services are provided under one roof, by one specialist team.  Speed and excellence are key, from processing through to grading and delivery.  We take great care at every stage of the production to make sure we deliver real benefits to clients, saving time and money, added security and excellent client care and communication. 

Film Dailies

Next day rushes service provided complete with a full lab and scanning report, prepared by our experienced rushes team. 

Photochemical Services/Film Laboratory 

  • Night and Day Bath Processing/Negative Development of all gauges: 65mm, 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm 

  • Colour and Black & White 

  • Film Preparation 

  • Assembly into Lab Rolls for Scanning 


Film Scanning/Grading

  • Scanning of all gauges 65mm, 35mm, 16mm and Super 8mm across Spirit 4K, Scanity HDR and Arriscan HDR, scan from HD to 6K resolution  

  • Traditional HD rushes for offline Best light/editorial grade or technical non-clipping grade.

  • Final scans - Select take pin registered infra-red scans.  

  • Scan once at 2K or 4K - 2K HDR Scanity ‘scan once’ workflow, all footage is 
    scanned to a 2K 10bit log DPX master file for the final conform, with graded 
    editorial files of your choice for your off-line.   

  • Sound sync 

  • Creation of edit ready files with sound sync from data cards including bins  

  • Deliverables 

  • Electronic delivery: Fast Delivery of editorial files using secure digital distribution and online screeners for reviews anywhere in the world  

Digital Dailies

On set Dailies/Near set Dailies/Digital Dailies  

From commercials and music promos to high-end motion picture productions, On Set Tech can deploy DITs who specialise in data management, live-grades and sophisticated dailies grading, camera technical support and more.


For everything beyond set we can implement bespoke digital dailies labs and workflow support, ensuring prompt editorial handovers, rapid dailies creation and industry approved archiving and validation of all digital media assets. 

For more information see our FAQs or contact us with your project requirements.


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