Following the most recent announcements regarding COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown in England, the DCMS confirmed that Film and TV production can continue to work, with some new restrictions.  


Cinelab London Is Open for Business.  

We are able to offer a full range of film and digital services, both production and operational staff are working remotely and where this isn’t possible a reduced team are working at the laboratory. We are working with reduced hours of cover, it is better to check with us directly (plus we love hearing from people!), please contact: 

Safety is always paramount for all our employees, clients and suppliers. Cinelab London carries out ongoing risk assessments and as a member of the UK Screen Alliance we work within:  Guidance for Safe Working in Post-Production and VFX during the COVID-19 Pandemic.      

This guidance is regularly reviewed and updated, in line with changing announcements/new restrictions and we also regularly review our working procedures.  

We endeavour to respond to all emails as soon as we can, always within 24 hours. If you require a faster response, please call us on: +44 (0)1753 501500.  


Your enquiry  IS  important to us

We truly miss seeing you all, it is a challenging time for so many of our filmmaking friends around the globe. 

Please Take Care and Stay Safe.  From all of us at Cinelab London   

Other helpful published safe working 'Codes of Practice' guides for Production:    


Receiving Visitors in The Workplace  

We hope to be able to resume tours of the laboratory and face to face meetings soon – we miss seeing everyone!

For now, we continue to limit all visits, in line with the current guidance.  

Cinelab London carries out ongoing risk assessments and follows UK Screen Alliance’s Guidance for safe working in Visual Effects and Post Production during the COVID-19 Pandemic” 

Our “Receiving Visitors in The Workplace” Guide is taken directly from this approved guidance. We have stated where the guide has been adjusted to ensure safety whilst following Cinelab London’s working practices. 

If it is strictly necessary for you to visit Cinelab London (this must be by prior agreement), a ‘Daily Health Declaration’ form is required to be completed in advance. 


Downloadable documents: 

               Daily Health Declaration Form (Visitor must complete and return to contact). 


               Cinelab London Visitors Policy 


               UK Screen Full Guide (from which our Visitors Policy has been taken and amended) 


               Amendment guide to UK Screen Guide 


Take Care and Stay Safe.