Doc Martin

An entire 9 seasons shot entirely on 16mm film!

Doc Martin ITV Season 9

Episodic TV Services provided by Cinelab London:

  • Camera/Lens/Neg Testing 

  • Film Processing/Negative Development: 16mm 

  • Film Dailies 

  • Film Scanning/Telecine 

  • Mastering/Film and Digital Deliverables 


Case Study: ITV's Doc Martin - Season 9 (8 episodes)

Cinelab London develops 16mm film stock for ITV TV Series Doc Martin

Doc Martin 16mm Neg Developing, Film Dai

Every series of this popular long running drama has been shot on 16mm!

The trials and tribulations of Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes), a socially challenged doctor who moves from London to the picturesque village of Port Wenn in Cornwall - where he establishes himself as the area's general practitioner. 

“The decision to shoot Doc Martin using film largely rests with Martin Clunes and Philippa Braithwaite, the husband-and-wife owners of Doc Martin production company Buffalo Pictures. “They have always loved film and have stuck with it,” says Director of Photography Simon Archer BSC -  who worked on the sixth series.  

When [Doc Martin] started, Super 16mm was the go-to acquisition for most quality drama and since then they have been wedded to it. A director might arrive and suggest switching to an Alexa, but their view is that if it isn’t broken then why try to fix it?  Doc Martin is evidence that you can originate Super 16 with minimal post-processing – with just a bit of sharpening and noise reduction, you can create a high-quality image.” 

Doc Martin 16mm Neg Developing, Film Dai


Production: Buffalo Pictures  

Producers: Martin Clunes and Philippa Braithwaite  

Creators: Dominic Minghella, Mark Crowdy, Craig Ferguson 

Starring: Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice 

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ITV Doc Martin - Season 9 Official Trailer