Job Vacancies at Cinelab London

Cinelab London is one of the worlds' leading Film Laboratories, known for the modernisation of photochemical services with the integration of digital workflows.  Our reputation is also based on excellent client service and the expertise of our team; technically and creatively. 


We are a fulltime team of 27 brilliant people,  the team has grown each year along with the continued resurgence of shooting on film and our expanded service offering. Cinelab London employs award-winning talent;  Colourists, Technicians, Sound Specialists, Laboratory Experts, Producers, Project Managers to name just a few.


We are committed to training to ensure traditional film skills are passed onto a new generation, saving them from being lost forever.  


Our Vacancies are listed below:

There are currently no vacancies.

If you can't see what you want, we enjoy meeting people and helping guide where we can. Please send your CV/Cover Letter to: